Technology Introduction

Domestic sewage not only contains聽物 plenty of organic matter, such 湖數as cellulose,starch,sugar and fat p光們rotein, but also pathogenic bacteri科懂a, virus,Parasite eggs and more 開電of suspended solid. At present our音山 country regulations require that the行山 final discharge water quality should 老照be in accordance with the table 1 lev嗎兒el A,class one standard of pollu場暗tants for municipal wastewater trea志近tment plant (GB18918-2002) .雜作

Urban sewage treatment proc多家ess not only can remove organic p微開ollutants and suspended solids, 明近but also nitrogen and phosphours. The 話物urban sewage treatment process is main化快ly divided into three stages: the 也這primary level based on physica火學l and chemistry methods, the second新明ary level mainly using biochemist費妹ry method, and the depth level離鄉 mainly adopting physical filte媽東ring .

Process flow: "grating + sand basi亮資n + modified A2/O + secondary sedimen醫微tation tank + cloth filter + ultr林議aviolet disinfection".The suspended 音愛solids and bulky particulate m聽到atter of inflow sewage could interc拿志ept by grating,then the sewage司習 come into the sand basin to re姐學move sand to prevent the depos拍又ition in the subsequent structur窗器es. Furthermore, the effluent flow th訊什rough the hardcore of the whole sewage現紙 treatment system-- modified A2/O,市從 successively flowing through anaerob是科ic tank; anoxic tank and aerobiot南少ic tank.,at the same time,the mix海舞ture backflow into the anoxic t愛畫ank; effluent flow into the se南媽condary sedimentation to make the slud什大ge and water to be separated. While th很技e sludge backflow into the bioc友劇hemistry system, and the sewage flow不不 into cloth filter, then into the ul線章traviolet disinfection pool, finally u也業p-standard discharge.

Process Flow Chart

The process flow chart of "gra空和ting + sand basin + modified A2歌很/O + secondary sedimentation tank + c店音loth filter + ultraviolet disinfection"紅金 is as follows:

Treatment Effects

The advantages of the 短一process including low land occupanc劇我y, stable operation,high impact load務爸 capacity, less sludge production, e妹區xcellent effluent quality and good ni媽行trogen and phosphorus removal ca懂理pacity, the treatment effect is very si笑理gnificant especially for the inf舊和luent with high NH4+-N,and les做報s carbon source.


Modified A2/O (oxidation ditch) Proc筆算ess is an improved solution of l哥新ow phosphorus and nitrogen remov花亮al capacity in case of lacking of c低火arbon , it is provided with superior 看著performance in saving energy and imp時子act load capacity.

This process not only retains the ch店在aracter of traditional A2/O and機南 oxidation ditch , but also comb放相ines biochemical reaction with ba民劇ck-flow. It saves lots of energy討文 consumption, such as saving civ花線il engineering cost, facilities村市 and pipe fitting expenses, and reducin綠跳g head loss and back-flow lift遠拿ing.

This process has reliable operation冷又 and high phosphorus and nitrogen rem白放oval capacity, in addition, it can p影看revent the growth of filamentous bacte開高ria in the sludge and sludge bulkin市資g. There are a number of successf著得ul application cases in China. 山呢

Application Case

One of the urban sewage treatment錢習 engineering in Jiangxi Provinc服好e

Construction Time: 2014

Nature of the sewage: Domestic 來爸sewage

Scale: 20,000 m3/d

Main process: grating + sand basin 體風+ modified A2/O + secondary sediment票機ation tank + cloth filter + ult間但raviolet disinfection

Requirement: table 1 level上做 A,class one standard of pollutants for西務 municipal wastewater treatment呢有 plant (GB18918-2002) .

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