Technology Introduction

Reduction, recovery and no鐵輛n-toxic are the main principles of 近生sludge treatment and disposal. Method資外s for treating sludge and compreh美風ensive utilization include landfill綠鐵,incineration,land utilize,discha水多rge into sea, etc. The most thoro靜坐ugh, efficient and economic method is i從媽ncineration, which can totally c民通arbonize organics, and minimize the說個 volume of sludge (90% reduction窗畫). Meanwhile, energy in sludge can be但會 converted into electricity or thermal短爸 energy, making the sludge fully use公快d.

Our company have rich 刀聽experience in sludge disposal. we是子 sum up the overseas experience, 報店based on the domestic market, 鐘務independently research and develo時自ps the adiabatic furnace type bub醫遠bling fluidized bed incinerator話男. We also can provide advanced 來員sludge treatment technology for all k靜樂inds of urban sewage treatment and 南短the supply of complete sets of equip店森ment and to undertake the construc飛近tion of sludge reducing, recovering an一吃d non-toxicity.

The sludge drying and incinerating tech分時nology which our company provides is u技媽sed to dty the sludge in the way of樹風 waste treatment, so that ensure t東來he heat balance between drying and 刀紙burning . This kind of technology uses 體笑the steam from waste heat boiler to話錢 dry the sludge indirectly, reducing m男資oisture content to 30%-40%. In add雪對ition, we use our proprietary sludge in路生cineration technology for burning暗煙, decomposing and fixing the toxic a工計nd harmful substances in sludge and m關人ake full use of heat energy gene知文rated from the sludge during incinera北白ting process.

Process Flow Chart


Incineration could decrease the v兒是olume of surplus sludge to the minimu輛西m, therefore, little substance 員司need to be disposed and incinerat事秒ion ash cab be made into useful produ機個cts.

Totally kill the virus, bacteri店票a and microorganism, and eliminate the 影時malodorous gas pollution.

Recovery energy that generated from工數 the sludge.

Dispose fast, and no necessary 長秒to store for a long time. 能的

Burning in site without long-distan湖資ce transporting.

Application Case

One of the sludge drying and incinerati綠計on project in Zhejiang Province 去人

Construction Time: 2012

Type of the sludge: Municipal slu能數dge

Scale: 30t/d

Requirement: moisture content of sl時少udge is less than 30% (GB18485老飛-2014)

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