Technology Introduction

Water contained in the sludge i件請s divided into the interstitial w慢也ater, capillary hydration water, t花化he surface adsorbed water and inter機一nal water. The first is called "fr輛劇ee water", the latter three are called北你 "irreducible water", the four wa開習ter��in addition to the interstitial wa開山ter can press to remove physicall頻拿y, the other three water surface 理土is wrapped with a strong negative ele費拿ctron, it can not remove by the physica麗讀l pressure filtration. The inters雪國titial water is accounting for 70% o子訊f the sludge water; capillary water 公師capillary water is accounting for來為 20%; about 10% of particles adsorbe低可d water and particle internal wa鐘姐ter, sludge dewatering object 還制is the interstitial water. 章員

Sludge dewatering depe也頻nds on the sludge particle size, sludg的靜e specific resistance and organic 暗個content except with the form of exi費話stence of water in the sludge. The sl快長udge particles are finer, the hig都鐘her the organic content, and the greate短務r the resistance, the greater the dif會件ficulty of dehydration is.

Sludge modifying use physical or chem讀村ical method to change the existence fo風討rm of water in the sludge, cha見紙nging the size and properties of sludge自校, so as to reduce the sludge specific r男很esistance and improve the dewat玩讀ering performance.

The moisture content of raw sludge can老水 be reduced from 98%--99.5% to唱商 95% by concentration, then put做影 the sludge into sludge modifica人山tion equipment. While add solid mo購是dified reagents in the equipme高路nt in proportion, making the re報問agent well contact with the sludge pa制街rticlesthrough high-speed mixing. Af知雪ter mechanical wall-breaking effects b嗎西y high shear emulsifying equipment, t筆的o make the intracellular fluid an店電d adsorption water transfer to int高北erstitial water, and ensure to imp科討rove sludge dewatering performance. Fin熱就ally, the moisture content of sludg麗請e is less than 60% after dehydration商吃 with high pressure filter. 雜電

Process Flow Chart

Process Effect

This process could reduce the sludg見是e moisture content from 99.5% to 60%, 習算dropping 98.8% volume of the sludg道嗎e, and decreasing transportation a秒在nd final disposal cost greatly.


Simple process, and mature technolog愛離y, keeping the final moisture content時廠 of the sludge below 60% stably; 看子

No stench and pathogens, the sludg和問e cake is hydrophobic, so it wi體一ll not cause a second pollution in ope自討n-air stacking.

Less medicine usage, low energy c個朋onsumption and high extent of 笑她automation, so it can shorten the slud月低ge dewatering time, improve the愛南 dewatering effect and reduce labor要喝 intensity.

Modular equipment, integrating司木 or spliting according to the s書船ite condition.

The complete sets of equipment 人南take low land occupancy, good 算藍operating environment., domestic e輛木quipment,, easy to operate and mainta醫學in.

NO need for any fuel and no 木離dependence on boundary conditi銀街ons.

Application Case

One of the sludge deep dewateri愛西ng engineering in sewage treatm日市ent plant in Jiangsu Province 裡民

Construction Time: 2013

Type of the sludge: physic-chemic業鐵al sludge and biochemical sludge 畫舞

Scale: 30t/d

Main process: BSH-DeWa sludge dryi舊那ng and deep dewatering

Requirement: sludge moisture cont白地ent &le 60%

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