Technology Introduction

Hazardous solid waste (HSW) is北用 defined as a hazardous solid 房笑waste which is included in the natio花什nal hazardous waste list or id快下entified in accordance with na離房tional standards and methods. C商國ompared with general industrial waste鄉兒 and the domestic waste, HSW is件公 corrosive, tonic, flammable, react店開ive and infectious. It is extre冷微mely harmful to the environment with th內話e features of stable hazardous.謝做

The safety landfill is the d對高isposal facility in the soil with the p高金urpose to bury and change the fe頻遠atures of hazardous waste. The techn習坐ology requires that the imperviou你分s layer should be higher than the gro多西und water level,and set the leachate他術 collecting system, disposal syste不麗m and detecting system. In additio一用n, the safety landfill consist醫們s of several individual units, each of 山房which is separated by natural c喝從lay, avoiding permeation of harmful com我中ponents vertically or horizontally.朋樹

The safety landfill includes fou如雪r parts, waste landfill area,pre高些-treatment area, leachate treatment a弟不rea and living & office area, and t會可he constriction program include弟物s the main works and facilities, a匠慢uxiliary facilities, production她裡 and living facilities, etc.

The landfill processes include regiona謝議l method, trench method and synthetic地動 method, with the principles of red笑音ucing bare landfill operation, hierarc做鐘hical compaction; pollution-source co雪司ntrol and choosing technology in advan說得ce.

Process Flow Chart


Small scale. Compared with the municip議裡al solid waste landfill, the scale 著計of safety landfill is smaller, becaus生作e there are less output of indus鐘道trial waste than the domestic waste裡報 ;

Convenient location. For the l她懂ow-yield of industrial waste, th購商e location choosing of safety landfill可音 is convenience and flexible, a長雪ny of a small valley or abandoned qua線文rry can satisfy the nearby urban to la窗光ndfill industrial waste for 10-20 years這輛;

High requirement in anti-seepage. The 學放safety landfill requires a higher leve用亮l anti-seepage than the domestic waste 一下landfill. It usually adopts double 術紅anti-seepage system, meanwhile, 了裡the thickness of HDPE anti-seepag新南e membrane is more than 2.0mm; 草你

Strict operation and management . Wh來離ile, the safety landfill requires uni志厭t and block landfill, it strictly contr好開ols the rain to enter the hazardous was了吃te and prevent to generating more 計你harmful leachate.

Application Case

One of the hazardous solid waste靜吧 landfill program in Zhejiang Province 內兒

Construction Time: 2011

Type of the waste: Ash

Landfill capacity: 50,000m3 麗了

The handling capacity of waste: 30光藍t/d

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