Technology Introduction

Landfill leachate is generated你麗 by the decomposition of solid wast年員e, and the external water (including ra劇票infall; surface water and under大大ground water). It contains various met制熱abolic substances and water, with hi就得gh organic content; high concen場木trations of heavy metal ions; high ammo慢紙nia-nitrogen; high salt and poor b個理iodegradability.

Based on the features, requir在煙ements of processing technolog暗麗y and facility become much hig線不her. The process of "Pre-treatment水頻 + MBR (two-stage A/O + UF) + 老黑NF + RO" has the advantages of good pe計草rformance; high stability; strong abili有關ty of resistance to impact load照子; low cost and high performance price睡員 ratio.

The quality and quantity of the門站 leachate is adjusted by regulating 妹說tank,then enter into the external MBR時中 system after the pre-treatment system錯討 to removal suspended particles. The MB小金R system consists of two parts:輛機 two-stage A/O biochemical system and t答下he external tubular ultrafiltration 市那membrane system. The effluent of MBR m年兒embrane bio-reactor enter into the de自醫pth treatment system,which is co間能mposed of NF and RO system; leac通頻hate can reach the emission stand姐答ard after the depth treatment. 費生

Process Flow Chart

The process flow chart of "Pre姐銀-treatment + MBR (two-stage A/O + U女電F) + NF + RO" is as follows: 紙少

Treatment Effects

Effluent is stable, ensure to reac聽訊h diagram 2 in Standards of Municip讀長al Solid Waste Sanitary Landfill P志是ollution Control (GB16889-2008)

Characteristics and Advantages

High interception rate of large 兒開suspended solids.

Two-stage A/O biochemical system對但 has enough reflux ratio, high concen我雨trations of activated sludge and stron服理g ability of resistance to impact 新書load, so as to ensure the remov鐵要al of organic matter, ammonia-nitrog務鐵en and total nitrogen , and fina道愛lly meet the standard requiremen工分ts.

MBR could intercept sludge, wit購子h the low sludge load, also could incre新服ase the concentration of sludge in sys那近tem and increase the removal rat鐘輛e of organic matter that difficu一月lt degradation.

The usage of NF and RO membrane co老醫uld efficiently intercept the micro-湖務molecule and salts to ensure the effl小西uent reach the standards.

No anaerobic system, so it is no necess媽黑ary to dispose methane,only deodorizati船著on.

Less surplus sludge, convenient operati知水on, low land occupancy.

Application Case

One of the landfill leachate trea金事tment programs in Zhejiang Province 科紙

Construction Time: 2014

Nature of The Sewage:landfill leachate厭小 of solid waste


Main Process: Pre-treatment + MBR (t金業wo-stage A/O + UF) + NF + RO 不子

Treatment Requirement: table 2 of sta分讀ndards for Pollution Control on 國花the landfill site of Municipal So報年lid Waste (GB16889-2008)

One of the landfill leachate t還個reatment programs in Zhejiang Provin相腦ce

Construction Time: 2010

Nature of The Sewage:landfill leach話雜ate of solid waste


Main Process: Pre-treatment + MBR (two書農-stage A/O + UF) + NF + RO

Treatment Requirement: table 2 o如廠f standards for Pollution Control on 月他the landfill site of Municipal銀冷 Solid Waste (GB16889-2008)

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