Technology Introduction

Hazardous solid waste (HS為少W) incineration has the advantages,生間 such as high harmless, good effe務煙ct on reducing capacity, high r小學esource utilization, low land occupan市照cy, etc.,also could dispose th紙雪e harmful microbes and virus co討爸mpletely. Thus, most of the harmful com用弟pounds are decomposed into simple sub下都stances (e.g. CO2 & H2O); and flamm看但able substances are thoroughly oxidiz厭關ed to reach a steady state. The sco高生pe of hazardous waste incineration 樂美covers medical wastes, medicine w是近astes, pesticide wastes, pharmaceu呢在tical wastes, distillation wastes, mi去個neral oil wastes, etc.

Our corporation has unique 著說superiority on HSW incineration, for 機通instance, technologies on hazar也秒dous and industrial waste treatment, a厭房bilities of design and construction o科問n waste disposal, senior experienc知森e of operating and managing haz麗機ardous waste disposal site, and th農就e investment platform for industriali廠書zation.

The main design technology shown as 哥著follows:

Main incineration equipment: R生城otary kiln + secondary combustion cham熱身ber + heat recovery boiler + e聽街xhaust gas treatment equipment; 雜公

Exhaust gas purification: Quench to裡資wer + activated carbon adsorpti照鐘on + high-efficiency bag filter +土現 de-sulfur tower.

Process Flow Chart


Strong adaptability: both solid and 自河liquid waste can be treated safely; 樂民

Stable operation: various form of fee視還ding run continuously at the same 技日time, equality feeding and run見說ning smoothly;

High automation: adopt DCS control syst你睡em from the feeding.rolling kiln inc文務ineration to flue gas purifying, 說事high reliability;

No wastewater discharging: adopt semi花妹dry deacidification process to avoid t的匠he wastewater discharge.

The fly ash produced by flue gas puri師書fication and the solid waste ente章化r into the incinerator completely子資 eliminate the fly ash of the seconda學是ry pollution;

It can significantly reduce th市子e volume of hazardous waste, while算資 the removal rate of toxic and harmful 錯錢substances is ≥99.99%

The energy is recyclable to gener科務ate electricity and heating.

Application Case

One of the hazardous solid was兒答te incineration projects in Zhejian子厭g Province

Construction Time: 2011

Type of the waste: The synthetic leathe民短r solid water

Scale: 36t/d

Standard: Pollution Control Standard西能s of Hazardous Solid Waste Incin北麗eration (GB18484-2001)

One of the hazardous solid waste i黃用ncineration projects in Anhui Provi動話nce

Construction Time: 2012

Type of the waste: The synthetic le吧黑ather solid wate

Scale: 36t/d

Standard: Pollution Control Standa北小rds of Hazardous Solid Waste Incinerat靜睡ion (GB18484-2001)

One of the hazardous solid water proj這志ect in Fujian Province

Construction Time: 2012

Type of the waste: The synthetic暗問 leather solid wate

Scale: 36t/d

PStandard: Pollution Control St近間andards of Hazardous Solid Waste I路書ncineration (GB18484-2001)

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