Technology Introduction

The basic features of soli麗東d waste incineration plant leach車用ate include high concentration of pol好坐lutants; extremely smelly; complex wa慢用ter quality components; wide ra腦鐵nge of water quality and quantity; nut又分rition imbalance and biochemical perfo購樂rmance instability.

Based on those features, requ熱湖irements of processing technology鐵司 and facility become much higher. T站長he process of" Pre-treatment + U湖窗ASB + two-stage A/O-MBR + NF +紅間 RO " can ensure the higher removal上慢 of total nitrogen and organic筆喝 pollutants, which can guarantee the如錢 leachate stably up to standard with 朋大reliable operation.

Pre-treatment can remov多但e a great deal of suspended solids and離歌 bivalent ions in the leachate, then 票木come into the UASB pool to cut down兒年 organic load using the anaerobi吃間c reaction, furthermore, come int商務o two-stage A/O tank to strengthen亮小 the denitrification ability, so as區書 to ensure the total nitrogen of eff看還luent, while further reducing 自跳the concentration of organic polluta短人nts. In addition, A/O effluent flow 的務into ultra-filtration system whic讀視h intercept organic sludge, fina子西lly ensure the effluent water 哥畫quality through the membrane depth p河費rocessing system.

Process Flow Chart

The process of "Pre-treatment 能北+ UASB + two-stage A/O-MBE + NF +化姐 RO " is as follows:

Treatment Effects

Effluent is stable, ensure to r草中each the table 2 of standards for Po錢線llution Control on the landfill site of吧著 Municipal Solid Waste (GB16889-2008著器)


The pre-treatment process adopts chemi問媽cal precipitation, which could cut down腦就 amount of suspended solids and diss長地olved divalent salt, so as to reduce th車村e follow-up unit of blockage and學店 scaling problems and make sur道西e the stable operation of the whole sy國姐stem.

UASB reactor is used as anaerob商高ic treatment, which has the advantages對湖 of high removal rate of organic po又還llutants; low land occupancy and sta友男ble operation.

MBR is used as the main process of bi風和ological treatment, it consists公窗 of two-stage A/O and UF. While站月 the main effect of primary-stage A/秒草O is using carbonization; nitrificati音白on and denitrification to accomplish 兒空most of the organic matter degra刀拿dation and denitrification. Ne要行vertheless, the main effect of secon高答dary-stage A/O is to remove the re工些maining total nitrogen and furth分光er degradation of organic matter, s業微o as to ensure the final efflue這著nt reach the standard.

The depth processing system is" nan司又ofiltration (NF) + reverse osmosis (聽得RO)"treatment, which can make 藍了sure of high effluent water quali船雜ty and achieve higher water production老遠 rate.

Less surplus sludge; easy to operati理嗎on and administration and low land occu自開pancy.

Application Case

One of the incineration plant leac話校hate treatments engineering in 白花Jiangsu Province

Construction Time: 2013

Nature of The Sewage: Leachate of 商生Municipal solid waste incinerat不拍ion plant


Main Process: Pre-treatment + UASB + 司答two-stage A/O-MBR + NF + RO

Treatment Requirement: table 2 o學窗f standards for Pollution Contr拿腦ol on the landfill site of Municipal冷門 Solid Waste (GB16889-2008) 放刀

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