Technology Introduction

Sanitary landfill technology 是看is the use of the nature of the met山嗎abolic function, according to the用站 sanitary landfill engineering區樹 technology standards, engineering th還秒eory and geotechnical standard, to di開下sposal garbage for landfill and control信在ling effectively, then to find a sa動和fe and stable treatment of municipal行如 solid waste disposal method. 都金

The MSW is filled wit機中h one layer of waste and one layer of如中 cover soil alternately, and compacted化樂 by compactors so that the MSW 草科could be stable through long-time p西看hysical, chemical and biological 村訊reactions. Landfill gases (e.g體錯. CH4, CO2, N2,H2S), created by wa如服ste decomposition, exhaust thr拿地ough gas tubes buried in advance, whic習一h are collected and utilized as fuel or玩區 to generate power. The bottom o樹金f the landfill is waterproof in case志友 of polluting the undergrounds water. T服明he leachate is collected by collec坐影ting pipes and treated together. 為民

Process Flow Chart


Simple process, low costs in const線放ruction and processing;

Great treatment capacity, and is not a空鐵ffected by the change of waste c火大omposition;

The landfill processing equipment is si南女mple, strong adaptability and fl火笑exibility;

Compared with other methods, the landf筆姐ill has the advantages of low invest, 著員low operating cost and recovery of日站 biogas;

The land could be developed properly站務 by afforesting and restoration o飛山f ecological environment after landf海拍ill closure.

Application Case

One of the municipal solid waste land市拍fill in Yunfu, Guangdong Province小歌

Construction Time: 2012

Type of the solid waste: Municipal soli高請d waste

Landfill capacity: 680,000 m3

The handling capacity of landfill: 2有信00t/d

The handling capacity of leacha很動te: 80t/d

One of the municipal solid waste la道林ndfill in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Provin間公ce

Construction Time: 2014

Type of the solid waste: Municipal sol農我id waste

Landfill capacity: 660,000 m3

The handling capacity of landfi可小ll: 100t/d

The handling capacity of leachate: 100他就t/d

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