Technology Introduction

Organic waste gas is mainly der放通ived from petroleum, chemical,跳媽 paint, leather, printing and dyeing, 現子paint and other industries in th哥懂e production process emissions of w民還aste gas, which is characterized by 哥門large amount of waste gas, freq站國uent volatile organic , combustib開也le and certain toxicity.

There are many methods o事做f disposing exhaust gas at present, 生生such as absorptive method, adsorption m線讀ethod, thermal combustion method, 歌校catalytic combustion method, plas子行ma method and biological method銀慢. For the reason of different sources a他站nd types of organic gas, the co姐呢mponentof exhaust gas is differe務看nt, therefore, disposing technique聽跳s are diverse.

This technology is used for dis醫街posing exhaust gas of leather 些兒industry.,mainly produced in sprayi姐刀ng workshop. The component of organic 靜海gas are complex, large amount 兵器,but concentration is low, mainly 拿白including acetone, isopropanol, n-butyl舊風 acetate, glycol ether, etc.

Depends on the composition and視員 features of leather exhaust gas, phy門人sical absorption method is use海內d to control the organic gas and the ef林費 very good.

Process Flow Chart


Compact equipment structure , elegant a吧司ppearance and less invest;

Process is feasible, convenient operat這農ion management , and operating saf熱藍ely and steadily;

Flexible installation of equipment , m費銀aintance conveniently;

High processing efficiency姐讀 and low. operating cost.

Application Case

One of Waste gas treatment projec唱南t of a leather factory in Wenzhou友們, Zhejiang

Construction Time: 2010

Origin: leather workshop

Scale: 180000 m3/h

Standard: Intergrated emission s師生tandard of air pollutants (GB16297-19秒愛96)

One of Waste gas treatment pro村科ject of a leather factory in Beih從技ai, Guangxi

Construction Time: 2010

Origin: synthesis workshop

Scale: 120000 m3/h

Standard: Intergrated emission stand吧離ard of air pollutants (GB16297-1996) 兵在

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