In the golden autumn, Premier Li Keqiang筆慢 visited Germany, and met with repr民了esentatives of Chinese-invested 是討enterprises in Berlin on Oct. 爸厭9th at 2 pm local time. Xu Rongqi, 動謝GM of Bestwa Germany, as the o腦美ne of the representatives, had th吧路e great honored to be invited and me算外t by Premier Li, which cheered對員 up the parent company.

Known as "a joint Cabinet 多熱meeting", it was the third roun新司d of Sino-German government talks影輛, which was chaired by Premier Li 和短and was with the highest level, lar花分gest scale and most issues to disc慢資uss. China has such unique talks亮暗 only with Germany.

This is Xu's second me河土eting with Chinese highest levels計他 since this March, which really is a為民 great honor of all the staff of Bes男為twa, and gives us great encouragement能技 and motivation. It shows China attach北鄉es great importance to the going gl長媽obal strategy, which is also a歌腦 big opportunity to Bestwa. As the多懂 GM of Bestwa Germany, Xu has the heav河著y pressure and responsibility, hopin慢吧g Bestwa Germany will run better with t科家he favorable policies under the Sino-G高劇erman cooperation. The Germany農體 subsidiary running well is the greates章視t patriotic behavior for an over暗術seas Chinese, which is also the perfe件著ct practice of the parent comp志窗any's philosophy of the "Learni些唱ng widely from others for a better en唱懂vironment".

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