In the bloomy spring days, Pres鐘信ident Xi Jinping visited Europe短多 and attended the Welcome Banquet 間好held by Sino-German Business Communi看雜ty on the 29th in Dusseldorf, Ge低朋rmany. President Xi delivered a書劇n important speech entitled "T身章o Grasp China Opportunity and Realiz嗎地e Common Development".

Xu Rongqi, GM of Best化用wa Germany, as the one of the represent東業atives of China-invested enterprises, 車看had the great honor to be invited an鐘如d met by President Xi, which cheered up店亮 Zhejiang Bestwa the parent company. It工也 was a landmark in the company's histo愛通ry, writing a new chapter for its deve場車lopment.

In the speech, President員物 Xi said "China needs German qu美人ality, while Germany needs China's跳師 market and speed." As the same, Zhej影術iang Bestwa's development also needed得們 high grade German quality. Bestwa Ge業間rmany, the subsidiary company wa去花s founded in 2012 and made profit關明s in 2013 successfully. It is a w跳民indow as well as a banner of the par得妹ent company in the global market光行.

Xu's met by President Xi紙靜 fully acknowledged Bestwa's achieveme員下nts, and proved the validity of the友科 company's development strategy票近, and also it was a great enco文書uragement to all the staff of Be一行stwa. We hope President Xi will visit門來 Bestwa in Zhejiang, and we wi睡很ll fight for it.

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